Conrem Energy

Hot Water Cylinders

Conrem Energy manufacture robust industrial water heating cylinders, up to 3,000 litres or multiples thereof. Conrem also offers a custom built option whereby individual tanks can be designed and tailored to suit any application. These cylinders are hot-dipped galvanised and are pressure tested to 800 kPa, with an operating pressure of up to 400 kPa. Each has a standard 5 x 54 mm socket outlet, unless otherwise requested. Insulation of the cylinders is made from a 50 mm vapour sealed, rigid solid foam.

These hot water cylinders can be used as storage vessels for primary heat sources e.g. solar water heating and heat-pumps, or they can be used with electrical heating elements only. Conrem Energy offers the longest local guarantee on its industrial cylinders.

Our cylinders are guaranteed for a period of 5 years, from the date of installation/sale. This guarantee is subject to Conrem energy’s terms and conditions with pertinent items listed below.

  1. The water supplied to the cylinder must be of good quality i.e. not from an unfiltered borehole source. This is crucial, as poor quality water can be aggressive towards the cylinder walls.
  2. Thermostat temperature setting must not exceed 55 C. Our thermostats are pre-set from our factory to 58 C and need a code to be changed. The temperature of the cylinder is not to exceed 65 C.
  3. The maximum operating pressure must not exceed 400 kPa. A 400 kPa Temperature -Pressure safety valve is fitted onto each new unit. We highly recommend that the installer fits an adjustable Pressure reducing valve with a pressure gauge.

Normal lead time from date of order is 2 – 3 weeks. These cylinders can be delivered with or without lagging.