Hot Water Boiler General Specification Sheet

Manufacture and quality control

  • Cylinders are designed and manufactured in accordance to ASME V111 DIV 1 and SANS 347 : 2012
  • Cylinders are manufactured from 400 to 3000 litres. Cylinders can be vertical or horizontal and fitted with legs if needed as well as customised as requested.
  • Cylinders are constructed from high grade S355JR (300 WA) mild steel. Cylinder walls are made from 4mm to 8mm mild steel. All steel is certified.
  • Dished ends are constructed from A355JR (300 WA) mild steel. All domes are welded both inside and out.
  • All sockets are constructed from high grade steam pipe. Tanks consist of 7 ports and are designed to accommodate Electrical elements as a Primary heat source or Solar and Heat pump as a Secondary. Steam sockets can be removed or added as per customer requirements. All sockets are welded both inside and out.
  • Cylinders can be manufactured with or without inspection flanges, as per customer requirements.
  • All cylinders are pressure tested to 9000 Psi. Normal operating pressure not to exceed 4000Psi.
  • All cylinders are welded with a 0.9mm copper coated mild steel MIG wire ER70s-6.

Our welding material is certified and will form and part of the tank data package. 

Corrosion Prevention

Tanks are fitted with a Magnesium sacrificial anode

  • All Cylinders are treated through a process which entails a series of cleansing , degreasing and pre-treatment techniques prior to coating steel with a thin Zinc layer by passing the metal through a molten bath of high-temperature (450 °C) Zinc.

Unique to Conrem is that cylinders are Hot-dip galvanized on the inside as well as the outer surfaces, which has proven to give appreciable life to cylinders in various applications.

Hot dip galvanizing provides ideal corrosion protection for steel – no other protective coating matches the unique protection gained by using this process. High adhesion, hard inner layers and a ductile surface layer are among the unique physical properties resulting from this process. Ref: Durban Galvanizing

Cylinder Cladding

  • All cylinders are lagged with 50mm high density polystyrene. This high-density, polystyrene jacket is then sealed with a layer of fiberglass tissue forming a vapor seal barrier around all exposed joints.
  • The cylinders are then fitted with a UV protective, double layer of heavy duty Ripstop fabric. These robust covers are designed to match many exterior and industrial colours as per customer requirements. The covers have a soft Aerothyene inner, to maximize feel and overall appearance of each unit. Each cover is fitted with a heavy-duty zip which allows it to be removed for maintenance or inspection of the units.

Unlike other companies who use a hard-exterior cover, these are designed not to be dented or scratched.

 Electrical Boards

These cylinders can be fitted with or without an electrical panel if required. Control panels can be standard housing all switch gear or custom built as per customer requirements. 

 Boiler dimensional layout

Guarantee Terms and Conditions

Our cylinders are guaranteed for a period of 5 years, from the date of installation/sale. This guarantee is subject to Conrem energy’s terms and conditions with pertinent items listed below.

  1. The water supplied to the cylinder must be of good quality i.e. not from an unfiltered borehole source. This is crucial, as poor quality water can be aggressive towards the cylinder walls.
  2. Thermostat temperature setting must not exceed 55 C. Our thermostats are pre-set from our factory to 58 C and need a code to be changed. The temperature of the cylinder is not to exceed 65 C.
  3. The maximum operating pressure must not exceed 400 kPa. A 400 kPa Temperature -Pressure safety valve is fitted onto each new unit. We highly recommend that the installer fits an adjustable Pressure reducing valve with a pressure gauge 

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