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Solar Water Heating Systems

One of the major expenses in any organisation, factory or home is water heating, irrespective of its usage. Conrem Energy supplies a range of system configurations from 300 litres up to 2000 litres or multiples thereof and prides itself on its robust, industrial cylinders, knowing that the tanks are there to last a long time.

Important Note:

With solar water heating it is absolutely critical that sufficient hot water storage volume is designed into the system. Small volumes equal raised back-up energy and large volumes equal minimal back-up requirements.

We have recently replaced 3 x 2,000 litre hot water cylinders that were manufactured in 1984, a total of 34 years.

The solar heated water can either be used for ablutions where a temperature of up to 50 degrees is required,or sophisticated process water where a temperature of up to 80 degrees is required. These temperatures have been achieved by Conrem Energy usingsolar power alone. Obviously there will be a facility for electrical back-up for negative solar conditions, i.e. bad weather. However with hot water storage volumes, even negative solar conditions can be off-set substantially.

Conrem Energy’s industrial solar water heating systems have achieved an average 50% saving on the water heating costs, which is a substantial saving to the annual energy bill.


  • quality factory finish
  • full technical back-up service
  • fully serviceable
  • indirect system for frost conditions
  • manufacturer’s 5 year guarantee

Student Accommodation Blocks

Conrem Energy recently installed an 18 000 litre solar water heating system for three student accommodation blocks to services 450 students. Please see the letter of recommendation below.

Letter of Recommendation…->

Conrem Energy are design innovators and are constantly on the look-out to improve the performance on their hot water systems.


An innovative design by the Conrem team was installed at three student accommodation blocks, where hot water is delivered at specific times only. This has eliminated hot water and energy wastage in this block of flats.


Each industrial cylinder based system, comes complete with an electrical control panel or hot water system performance indicator. This design innovation will have digital temperature read-outs, to show the exact temperature the solar system is producing, as set out below:

   • Cold water inlet temperature
   • Solar system outlet water temperature
   • Water temperatures to and from the building

The elements in the industrial cylinder can be individually switched on, using these control panels, and allows for a summer or a winter setting.


This innovative alert system, is an early warning, that links the control panel to a cell phone/s, which enables the client to be forewarned of any potential fault, i.e. possible power failure or interruption in hot water delivery that will impact on the delivery. This is important, especially in accommodation that caters for large numbers of guests. This will enable the hot water delivery problem to be solved prior to any guests being inconvenienced.