Conrem Energy

Rain Water Harvesting

The efficient usage of water in South Africa has become increasingly important in these last few years. Rain-water harvesting is the collection, storage and usage of rain-water and is an innovative way to reduce your mains water consumption. It is ideal to have maximum catchment gutters installed for the harvesting of the greatest amount of rain-water. This rain water can be fed into the factory or house via a pressure pump.

There are two options for filtration:

Option One:
A basic filtration for non-drinkable water to be used in factories or homes for flushing toilets, washing clothes, watering gardens etc.

Option Two:
A high quality filtration treatment system for drinkable water, as well as the above uses.


This HMS System is a design innovation that Conrem Energy is using to improve the performance of the rain-water harvesting system. It is a complete management program that allows for the more efficient running of this process.