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Solar Water Heating Systems

One of the major expenses in any organisation, factory or large home is the cost of heating the water. Click To Read More

Hot Water Cylinders

Conrem Energy manufacture robust industrial water heating cylinders, up to 3,000 litres or multiples thereof. Conrem also offers a custom built option design, whereby individual tanks can be built with specific options to suit any application. Click To Read More

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Conrem Energy, a division of Conrem (Pty) Ltd, is a ‘one stop green energy company’ that believes in maximum return for minimal spending. The Conrem team has an accumulative ninety-four years’ experience in the water heating field, specialising in large homes, industrial and commercial applications. Allied to this, the company also manufacture a range of robust industrial water heating cylinders. Conrem Energy is associated with a top level Photovoltaic (PV) design team, enabling them to undertake large industrial and household PV installations. Rain water harvesting of any size, specifically designed for each application, has also been undertaken by the company.

Conrem Energy is the perfect green energy company to meet your industrial, commercial or home applications. With the constant increases in your electricity bill, harnessing the sun’s power is an investment you should definitely consider.

What our clients say

Really want to take this opportunity to thank Matt for the amazing job and service he and his team has provide me with. They are very professional and helped us save alot of money.

Thank you Conrem Energy.


A great team to work with, extremely accommodating and highly knowledgeable on green energy. 

Martin Pace

Working in a factory you rarely think about your impact on the environment, but with the help of Canrem Energy, we were able to lower our carbon emissions and reduce our monthly operating costs thanks to Canrem Energy’s efficient energy solutions.