Conrem Energy

Solar Water Heating Systems

One of the major expenses in any organisation, factory or large home is the cost of heating the water.

Hot Water Cylinders

Conrem Energy manufacture robust industrial water heating cylinders, up to 3,000 litres or multiples thereof. Conrem also offers a custom built option design, whereby individual tanks can be built with specific options to suit any application.

Photovoltaic (PV) Solar Electrical Systems

Photovoltaic systems range from simple grid-tied systems which feed the electrical energy directly into the main supply during sunlight hours, to more elaborate battery storage systems capable of providing power for 24 hours.

Design Innovations

Each hot water storage system comes complete with an electrical control panel or hot water system performance indicator and safety temperature pressure valves.

Rain Water Harvesting

The efficient usage of water in South Africa has become increasingly important in these last few years. Rain-water harvesting is the collection, storage and usage of rain-water and is an innovative way to reduce your mains water consumption.